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Subject: The Farm Family 3All rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar very little cute lolitas in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac free loli photo hardcore
sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. 2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write just stop on by ask for Kev. There I was still on my knees on the straw covered floor of
Our hay loft. Watching my Kid Brother Eric licking and cleaning the cum
from My Big Brother Jed's cock. This was crazy, unnatural, couldn't be
happening? Yet here we were the three Kelly Boys. 18, 19 and 20 now Here
up in the hay loft engaged in Homosexual Sex. Me of all, I was the town's
resident Whore Master. The good look Guy others used as the draw for
pussy. Here on My knees in the straw having just taken a huge load of cum
from my Brother's cock. I looked up at my Brother Jed, Who was smiling
and looking at Eric's head bobbing on his now soft cock. Looked down at
his feet still wet with the saliva from Eric's tongue bath. I chuckled to
myself. Jed had always been the leader of Us three. The one after Dad we
looked to for guidance. Yet it had been all Eric who had bought about
this change.Or had it been Me? I was the one who set out to seduce Eric
last night?
I was bought from my thoughts by Jed's voice as he said." Your turn to sit here Kevin and my time to keep my word."I knew what He meant, What He was referring to. His Promise to Suck who
ever sucked him. Here was my big Brother the tough Guy. The man's man
stud Farmer who took no shit from anybody going to suck my cock? I had
always thought Him the most homophobic man I knew? He was forever saying
things like " Don't act like a dam Fag." Or don't be no weak Fag." Yet
here in this Our hay loft He was now ready to suck my cock in front of
Eric. Eric came off his cock and I stood up pulling down my zipper as Jed
moved from the bale of Hay and I moved to it. By the time I was sitting
on the bale of hay in his place Jed was on his knees. He was still bare
footed. His jeans still down around his ankle's and now Jed was pulling
off His shirt. I hand my jeans now down along with my briefs to my
ankle's as I watched him strip. His powerful chest with the pec's of any
weight lifter now before me. smooth as a baby's ass with the trail of
blonde hair leading to the thick bush of pubic hairs His 11 inch cock
hard yet again. He was on his knees bare chested now and just looking at
my bare cock the feast waiting for him. Not a trace of the old homophobic
Farm Boy in his lustful half smile. He now looked up to my face and his
smile broadened." Dam Bro. You've got yourself one hung of hot Man cock there. mind if I
enjoy me some?I laughed and holding the base of my cock to offer it up to Him I said.
" My pleasure Bro. Have Yourself a feast on this Man dick."Eric called out from the side.
You go ahead Jed and I'll gladly do the clean up again."It all happened at once. I looked over to Eric and saw he was buck ass
naked holding the big thick dick which had just taken my cherry that
morning and at the same time Jed's mouth was on my bare dick. It's at
best hard to describe the rush of pleasure that the feel of his moist
mouth tight around my cock gave me. The feel of his tongue as it was
flicking all around my mushroom big bare dick head. Licking at the cum
hole of my cock. Then down and up the long shaft of my cock. His hands
callused from Farm work and manly holding my balls a gentile as an Angel." OH My God Jed. Oh fuck Jed. This is so good Holy God. Jed where in the
hell You ever learn to suck a cock like this. Oh Fuck Jed. Yes Oh yea eat
that big dick. Oh Jed I love this. Oh Yea Oh God eat my cock. OH yea Oh
yea do that. Oh fuck yea eat them big hairy balls. Suck in those balls
Jed. Oh Jed I love You Bro. I swear Jed I love your fucking mouth." I
was screaming out as I got the best blow job ever in my life. His mouth
took on a life of its own. It was all over my cock from the root to the
mushroom head. On my balls with my balls both in it. Then back up and
down my shaft. It was a sure thing Jed was not stranger to cock sucking.
He pushed me back on the bale of hay so I laid down and he was up on my
nipples eating sucking them and then best underground paysites lolita up to my face and my handsome older
Brother kissed me full on the mouth his hands behind my head his
wonderful tongue in my mouth and then he was back down my body every lolitas 14 y o inch
getting treated to his hot wet tongue back on my big cock and with even
more gusto this time then before. As I just lay there marveling in
delight at this new turn of events.
Eric was not to be left out. While Jed now lifted my legs high
in the air after pulling off my boots and pants and Jed was licking
eating my hole. Eric was eating my feet through my dirty sweaty white
socks. Jed' tongue knew how to eat a Man's hole just as well. I was
moaning and screaming at the double pleasure my two Brothers were giving
me. I was basking in the total pleasure only Men can give Men. Thinking
nothing could possibly surpass this feeling. My Brothers had even more
thrills in store for me. Eric had my socks off and had been tongue
bathing my bare feet. He now came off them and up to me standing above me
holding his 8 inch cock to my mouth I was again sucking Hhis big dick
while now Jed was fucking his callused Farm fingers two then three of
them into my near virgin pussy hole. pleasure at both ends. Eric's
massive cock head thrusting deep into my mouth and Jed's strong thick
fingers renewing the pleasure of this morning on my new Boy pussy.Jed still finger fucking in my hole said. " Kevin Tonight I am going to
sleep in with You guy's and fuck this nice tonight hole of Yours and fill
it with even more thick Kelly Man meat. Now just go on and let your load
come." He was as always the master even more so now that We three were
Fuck buddies. I moaned with my mouth fill of Eric's hot dick my OK. Then
it was Eric who exploded with his thick cream load in my mouth and I
heard Jed moaning as his own cock erupted from His beating it while
finger fucking Me and my own cock was spilling glob after glob of thick
Irish cream. Jed was down eating my cum load. True to his word Eric
cleaned up my cock after Jed had eaten all my load then cleaned up Jed's
big 11 inch dick yet again. We proceeded to dress and Jed suggested I
wear his old socks and think about tonight with every step I took in his
socks that day.
We were walking out of the barn arm in arm the three of Us with
myself in the middle. We were bought out of Our stupor by the sight of no
less then seven trucks parked at the house. One was Dad's. He was back
and had company with him? Jed lead the way into the back door and there
was Dad at the table with six of Our neighbors sitting all around Beers
in front of each man and papers all over the table. Dad looked up with a
big smile saying" Now gentlemen here bbs kds top lolita are my three partners in crime." They all smiled at
Us and one by one were congratulating Us on the New Hotel-Dude ranch. We
were given beers and pulled japanese fashion gothic lolita up three chairs to join the group of
Neighbors. The purpose of the gathering was for the Neighbors to buy up
the live stock and as much of the Farm equipment they might need.
The group was to say the least jovial as they were getting a great
discount on the Animals and equipment. There was e three discovered a
method to Dad's seeming madness. He'd been secretly making the plans
along with Mom before she passed away. The design of the Hotel was draw
up by professionals. the land surveyed and even the construction company
standing by ready to break ground the moment the bank was in on the deal.
They even planed on not having russian lolita bbs board to touch the register for a full year
after opening up. Dad was in His glory and that alone made me happy. This
was the first time since Mom [passed I've seen him once again like He was
happy out going and excited about life. At 40 something Dad was a robust
handsome man. We were blessed to have the best of His looks the three of
us and Dad with the muscular body only years of Farming can produce
coupled with the tall blonde Adonis looks was a man among Men. The next
few hours were spend selling off the stock and equipment to the gathered
Neighbors. All promised to pick them up by mid morning the next day. As
Dad put it we were out of Farming now. He seemed nude filipina lolitas pics
just a little saddened
when He thought out loud in front of the group after many beers. That Us
three boys were the last generation of Kelly's to leave the Farm. He
observed that Our Grand Father and Great Grand Fathers generations back
in Ireland were all Farmers as Was His Father and Grand Father here in
America. The mood soon passed him and the talk turned to the new business
of being gentlemen Hotel and dude ranch owners.
The Farm would be stripped by the end of the day tomorrow. Then
the construction company would break ground the very next day. The one
hundred room hotel with two restaurants and pool with full gym and even a
night club would be up and running in two months time. A new barn was to
replace the old on. I was sad kind of at the thought of the old barn
being taken as We just had our first threesome there. The barn would be
replaced with a 30 stall horse complex with quarters for hired help. The
old house would be still standing but made over into a deluxe home office
combination for the four of Us and We would have a live in housekeeper
cook. We ordered pizza as We stayed up into the night pouring over the
plans and the artist conceptions Dad had to show Us. He saved the best
news for last.He proudly announced. " Boys from now on life is going to be fun and easy
for the four of us. With more then a little thanks to Your Mom for all of
this. It was Her dream for You boys and with the money she left and the
insurance We are able to live that dream. Now young teen lolicum panties
for the last surprise of
the day. We four after the construction has began are going on a whirl
wind trip to New York, Philadelphia, DC, Boston, LA, San Francesco. Our
trip is really a working vacation. Because we will be placing advertising
in the local Gay papers and also scouting out for Chefs and other staff
to run the place along with us. Now Boys Your all big tall strapping men
and this is all new I know. But We will be dealing with mostly Gay Men
and Women so if there is a homophobic bone in any of Your bodies best
pluck it the hell out tonight."Jed spoke up for the three of Us. " Dad I can assure You there isn't one
homophobic bone among the three of Us Boys."Eric must have had a few beers too many young teen lolicum panties which loosened up his tongue
cause he put in with. " Now Dad Your throwing Us a curve here? If there
is one Homophobic Kelly in this building I would have put my money on
You?Dad as laughing hard and slapping his knee. he regained his composure
saying in a serious tone. " Now see You'll find that a good 20 percent of
the men and Women too who come here have been married and have lolita models nude bbs children.
I'll just leave it at that for now. Don't ask any more on the subject
tonight. There will be time enough for revelations later this week"The three of Us looked from one to the other not believing what Dad had
just said. Could it be? Dad was a Bisexual? Jed who was seated in the
middle of Eric and myself put his arms around the two of Us and i feared
he was about to out Us?" Well Dad its late as you say and we all have a full plate tomorrow.
Now I think We should all hit the hay. Oh tonight and who knows maybe
from now on? I am going to sleep in with my two handsome stud Brothers
here. Any objections to that Dad?Dad looked sternly from one of our faces to the other. He was difficult
to read at the moment? Then a smile came to his face and it got broader
and broader and i relaxed more and more as he just said. " NO objections
a at all Jed. Nope not a one. In fact if i hadn't had so many beers I
might be joining the three of You. Now off to bed with you all. russian lolita bbs board I'll tend
to the clean up here. I'll be waking you all at the crack of dawn. so try
to fit in a little sleep with your other games tonight Boys. Now give
your old man a hug and be off with you." The nightly hugging ritual began. With the three of Us oldest
to the youngest lined up to hug Dad good night. I always got a blast out
of how when alone like this We as a Family would often talk like Irishmen
just off the boat. A throw back to Grand Pop and Our tie to the old
country I suppose? We headed up to bed in single file. I was behind Jed
looking at his firm round ass thinking I was going to fuck that ass
tonight and Jed was going to fuck my ass with that horse cock of His.
Soon I prayed Dad would be doing the honors himself?I always like to hear if You the reader like the story so far and any
comments you may have write No flames please. Want a
picture of the Author just state your age for legal reasons and its on
the way. To talk in person see above opening directions to Uncle's
Kevin Kelly
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